Welcome to Chantal Rutter Media

The corporate environment in South Africa is more demanding than ever. Sluggish economic growth and demands for greater media transparency are challenging even the most adept business leaders.

Chantal Rutter Media (CRM) seeks to meet these demands by  offering comprehensive and streamlined media services. With our  first-class resources we are able to bring your key messages to the market, and to boost your professional image.

  • Executive Media Training. Seasoned interviewers and presenters offer targeted delivery and presentation tools to help you shine at any media event.
  • Media Production. With full studio facilities, including shooting, editing and post production, we have all the technical support to create your vision.
  • Media Events. We creatively develop focused and detailed launches, galas or press conferences to maximise your media exposure.
  • Media Writing. We streamline your corporate literature in a clear, crisp way relevant to your audience.
  • New Media. Individual or group workshops empowering you to use new media channels as effective marketing tools. Harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn to boost your brand's online reputation.